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3D Modeling & Animation

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3D Modeling & Animation

3D Models and Sculptures are mostly used in Games, Films and graphics, As next Generation we are very closed to experience A new world of METAVERSE and there is a bunch of opportunities for 3D Artists, So It’s not still too late to get start in the world of Realistic 3D world of Modeling and Animation.

In this brief Practical Course, you will learn from basics to advanced 3D Modeling, Shading and animation as well as use of Game Design Basics Software.

Here is the few of our Course outline that will be taught During the Classes:

As nowadays Many people are earning money by creating Video Content and posting on Facebook & YouTube and working as full time Youtuber. 

In this Brief Course you will learn and create High Reach and Engage Videos as well as Interesting Animations using Adobe After Effect & Extensions. We will add VFX to make Realistic and more engaging Video Content.

Few Main Course outline can be seen below:

Carpenter making 3D model

Course Outline

Theories with Practical

Tools we will use:

Career & Freelancing